- Games of thrones already started wooh!

- Insurgent movie released March 11! wow! 

- The Scorch Trials 2015!!!!

(for more info on these go to the News page.) 


List of Fandoms that will appear on the forum:

- The Vampire Diaries
- Sherlock
- Doctor Who
- The Walking dead
- Supernatural
- Harry Potter
- Sucker Punch
- Disney
- The Hunger Games
- Divergent Series
- Maze Runner
- My Chemical Romance
- The Game Of Thrones 
- Anime (AOT, Naruto, etc.)
- Fall Out Boy
If you guys add other ones on the Forum please tell me so I can add them here.

Feel free to add new albums and photos to the album. You can make an album for edits, your fandom and for Merch.

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Summary of the website.

  Hi! this website is a fandom center but also an anti-bullying site. Here you can interact with your own fandoms and even venture into other ones. Once you become a member please list the fandom/fandoms you are in so it will be easier to make friends with the same interests as you.

  If you are having problems at school and need help you can send me an Email or go to the advice page so others will help you. If you want your problem posted anon you can send it to me and I will put it up on the advice page so others can assist you as well. You can post about your relationship and i'm sure members will help you, basically any problem from relationships to study tips to how to edit. I want to make a community where we can all relate with Otp's and such without the annoyance of instagram.

  I hope you have fun here and make lots of friends! if have any questions about the website or want me to add fandoms to the list just tell me and I will.